Saturday, September 11, 2004

Abt. Guy Madden etc.

What's really interesting is a poem that doesn't read like a poem or a novel that doesnt read like a novel. Or movies that dont seem like movies. Otherwise any created object is just there for the comparion - not that a non-novel-like novel gets closer to "real life" per se, since "real life" tends to be a generalized journalistic convention, but it's no longer tucked safely away into a specific genre, with its over-trained eyes. Therefore it seems more familar in the uncanny, disturbing sense, and not familar in the harsh, banal, Time-Life sense. As in William Gaddis' rants abt. the dissolution of weird human musical variables (in Agape Agape) with the introduction of the player piano at the turn of the century. Poems that seem like poems or novels which seem like novels equal out to the central idea behind the player piano. A standardized, correct aesthetic. In that way, a movie like Coward Bend the Knee - which seems so stylized; the blue tones, the Freudian hand - is really a kind of ultimate anti-player piano. The weird human variables creating the form from the inside-out, not vice versa.


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