Sunday, September 19, 2004

An [grampa, child abuse, nature] Excerpt from Anne Lauterbach's talk/essay, "Use This Word in a Sentence: Experimental"

I am interested in the relation between [grampa, child abuse, nature] and knowledge, the ways in which experience and experiment might link the two.

We need to be careful not to mistake [grampa, child abuse, nature] for knowledge.

To experiment means you must put [grampa, child abuse, nature] at risk to what you do not yet know.

I began to give up conventional syntax, the logic of cause and effect, an assumed relation between subject and object, after my sister died. [grampa, child abuse, nature] had been ruptured once and for all. I wanted the gaps to show. When the gaps began to show, a new sense of isolated wholes, of complete gestures, began to replace old Aristotelian ideas of [grampa, child abuse, nature]...In this new dispensation, the hinges or places of contact became the most important location of [grampa, child abuse, nature], as in music and in some abstract art. This seemed both more real and more natural to me...

As long as we regret and long for lost syntheses, master narratives, [grampa, child abuse, nature], we will be unable to imagine the institutions which will override greed, self-interst, and cruelty, all of which are always ready to assert their prerogatives at the expense of [grampa, child abuse, nature].


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